A staff of six smiling faces awaits your arrival at Sundance to shower you with Jamaican hospitality and spoil you by taking care of your wishes even before you make them known. Exceptional personalized service is the touchstone of Sundance and each of the team members are dedicated to making your vacation one you will never forget.

The Butler


Brian, the butler, has been at Sundance since it was built and is primed and ready to make your vacation the best one yet. He will organize your arrival and departure schedule, handle transportation, help plan excursions, schedule golf and tennis games and attend to every other detail of your vacation plans. At meal time, he will provide the utmost in personalized service and exceed your expectations.

Executive Chef


Vacations aren’t vacations unless they revolve around exquisite meals and that is one of the focal points and benefits of choosing Sundance. Award winning Executive Chef Jerome O’Connor creates a magical culinary experience for refined tastes. Before you arrive, we will present you with meal plan options so you can choose your daily meals and we will be prepared once you get here and ensure the kitchen is stocked with everything you and your guests love to eat.

From traditional Jamaican cuisine to international dishes, Chef Jerome’s background and unique talents will provide you with an exceptional culinary experience. The organic garden and fruit trees are the inspiration for much of what is served at Sundance. Our fisherman delivers fresh fish and our produce supplier delivers all of the produce we don’t grow on-premises.



Kerry-Ann leads the housekeeping team and will have you smiling from the time you awake until your head hits the pillow at night. Her attention to detail and cleanliness is revered and you will revel in the attentiveness of her service.



Kimberly is laundress extraordinaire and also helps with housekeeping. She will carefully wash and iron your clothes and return them to your suite each day. Together with Kerry-Ann, Kimberly will ensure your vacation is stress-free and that your luggage is filled with clean clothes when you return back to reality.



Master Gardener Besley helps keep the organic garden and the seven acres of pristine landscape at Sundance in peak form in the multi year winner of the Garden of the Year. Ask him any questions you may have about the local flora and fauna. Besley also works as a server during the evening.



Alfanso and his green thumb are equally responsible for the organic garden, fruit orchard and ensuring the landscape is meticulously cared for at Sundance.


Sundance Staff

The minimum gratuity for the staff is 10% of rental rate in high season and 15% in low season. This may be paid in advance with your reservation or given directly to Brian the butler in cash upon your departure. For those that don’t wish to travel with that much cash on hand, we would suggest that you pay the gratuity in advance. We are happy to accommodate that request when your final deposit is paid.